Sophie Davant, her confidences without taboo on cosmetic surgery

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Medicine and cosmetic surgery, Sophie Davant delivers herself without filter on these rejuvenating techniques and on her relationship to age.

Editor-in-chief of the day for aufeminin, Sophie Davant confided in her various professional projects but also in her fashion and beauty habits. The host notably revealed to us her anti-aging tips for smoothing out wrinkles and the secrets of her iconic haircut. The one who devotes a special file “Well in his age” in the new formula for its magazine S le Mag love to be”a mediator between experts and women”.

Very comfortable with her age and her image, Sophie Davant answers us without filter when we ask her about cosmetic surgery. At 59, she displays an uninhibited speech on these practices which are sometimes still taboo in the middle of the TV.

Sophie Davant in favor of cosmetic surgery

Make cosmetic surgery to totally transform me, no, but to improve what may displease, why not. Today there is a battery of formidable aesthetic devices. When you make an image job, I don’t see why you wouldn’t draw from it” confides the host. Sophie Davant nevertheless emphasizes that cosmetic surgery should not be done “to fill a gap or void” and that it should not be abused: “You mustn’t fall into the trap of wanting to stay young at all costs, of wanting to fight the slightest wrinkle. You have to choose the right techniques and the right doctors so that theThe result remains pretty and natural.

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Sophie davant denounces a certain hypocrisy

I don’t like the hypocrisy of that environment. A girl who does TV, who at my age and who says she doesn’t do anything, it’s impossible” assures Sophie Davant. It must be said that the new aesthetic medicine techniques want to be more and more natural and discreet and cosmetic surgery is also difficult to detect on a face when it is well done. We can now perform a facelift at 40 or botox injections at 30 without radically transforming the face.

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