Sophie Davant, in "nightgown", is strongly criticized: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Sophie Davant collects hits, and as it is the price of fame, she is often the target of criticism. Her clothes, her expressions, her posts on Instagram, her shows, her passions … The host is criticized at the slightest of her movements but she knows how to defend herself perfectly. Thus, in commentary to his photo taken on the set ofCase Concluded, an internet user noted: "Nice shades of green. But unfortunately this dress makes you look completely cheesy. Good day, Madame Davant. "

Far from letting it go, the one who shared Pierre Sled's life replied: "Thank you dear madam". Three simple words but which mean a lot in the mouth of Sophie Davant. You must not tease her, at least not badly. That, another Internet user had obviously not understood since she mentioned a"nightdress". Response from the principal concerned:"We see that you have taste".

Sophie Davant does not give way!

On Instagram, Sophie Davant often responds to her detractors, and that's what makes her charm. The facilitator, mother of Valentine and Nicolas, is a modern woman, a strong woman, who does not give way. So, on social networks or on television, it's the same, and you shouldn't be surprised when she cropped a commissioner in the middle of the show a few weeks ago. A woman with a strong personality, certainly, but that viewers adore.

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