Sophie Davant opens up about her personal life: "I took rakes": Current Woman The MAG

If the presenter ofCase Concluded may have annoyed viewers of France 2 – many of whom adore her, however – she was also the object of mockery in her family. In an interview with Europe 1, Tuesday January 26, 2021, Sophie Davant has given a lot of privacy to her life. The 57-year-old mother explains that she is a sincere character. "I am not cheating me. Just because we have some hits on TV doesn't mean that everyday life is easy every day. I took rakes", she confides to Anne Roumanoff, very curious to know more about the emblematic face of France Televisions. Moreover, the latter does not hesitate to question Pierre Sled's ex-wife about his loves. Sophie Davant did not find the chosen one of her heart on the set of ’Deal concluded despite "favorites ".

"I like or I liked, I do not break"

During this interview, Sophie Davant continues her confidences and admits having a lot of complexes. "I don't find myself sexy at all and like most women, I don’t like my legs, I don’t like my hands. I wish I was ten centimeters taller " she admits, embarrassed. However, that never stopped him from starting a relationship. The host of Telethon considers like a person "daring". Despite a difficult divorce, she remains open to love, without taking the first step. "Seek out a story, yes, it happened to me", she continues. These stories, the journalist does not want to forget them."I have a hard time breaking up. The people that I love or have loved, I don't break up. I keep a link and in general it's a nice link", says Sophie Davant. Anne Roumanoff then asks the host if she has "lots of ex ", and this one responds, hilariously, "well I'm starting to have some ". It is said !

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