Sophie Ferjani married to Baligh for more than 20 years: rare appearance of the couple, for a particular day

Sophie Ferjani is still so in love with her husband Baligh. On August 4, 2022, the interior designer of Homes for sale (M6) proved it by paying tribute to their unbroken union on their wedding anniversary.

In story Instagram, the pretty 45-year-old redhead revealed two photos of her couple. In the first shot, Sophie Ferjani and Baligh embrace in the middle of one of the typical settings of the South of France, where they are installed in a magnificent renovated villa. In love, she places a tender kiss on his cheek. “wedding anniversary today“, she notes on the image. The second photo then shows them enjoying some quiet time at the beach. (See our slideshow).

Sophie Ferjani and Baligh have been inseparable for twenty-one years. In addition to sharing their personal life, they work together. Indeed, they opened their store The selection a few years ago in Marseilles. “Baligh, Sophie’s husband is in charge of The selection. (…) He loves to train people and see them evolve to help them flourish professionally. A discreet man who flourishes in the development of the other. From the work of his wife first, but also in that of his other collaborators“, we learned thanks to a Facebook publication posted in 2018.

The couple fulfilled another dream: of having children. They are the happy parents of three boys: Achille (15 years old), Gabriel (11 years old) and Célestin (6 years old). It is with them that they escape and forget the euphoria of their daily lives. A few days ago, Sophie Ferjani was posting images of their family summer in “the House of happiness“, as she dubbed it. Precious and unforgettable moments.”My sons… All 3 rich with a real personality, they amaze me, amaze me and make me so proud every day! They are my greatest pride and achievement. A part of us but a large part of them. They make me no longer afraid of dying because they ARE. Kind, wise, emphatic, courageous, loving, strong, determined, self-sufficient“, she confided as rarely through an Instagram publication.

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