Sophie Tapie as a couple with Baptiste Germain: new project for two… at the cinema!

Sophie Tapie won’t have taken too long to get over his divorce and everything seems to be going well with his new boyfriend, the rugby player Baptist Germain. Recently separated from Jean-Mathieu Marinetti, the daughter of Bernard Tapie quickly found love with the 21-year-old rugby player who plays at Biarritz Olympique. The couple also got down to business fairly quickly since the 34-year-old singer has apparently already moved in with her new companion on the side of the Basque Country. After inevitably complicated moments following the death of her father and her divorce, the beautiful blonde found happiness with the young professional sportsman.

An alchemy that even goes beyond the private sphere since it seems that the two lovebirds are associated on a joint project to come with a well-known director, since it is Fabien Onteniente. Author of successful films like the trilogy Camping or Discothe 64-year-old cinema man has decided to offer a sequel to one of his hit films, 3 zerosof which he is currently filming the sequel, which should be called 4 zeros. In this sequel eagerly awaited by fans of the first opus, we should therefore find Sophie Tapie and her darling if we trust the photo posted by the director on his Instagram account.

Surf scene for Baptiste and Sophie

In the picture, we can see Fabien Onteniente, Sophie Tapie and Baptiste Germain along the beach and the latter is wearing a surf suit, so it could well be that the scene revolves around this water sport. “We’re going back to Paris #4zeros, see you soon friends“, writes the ex of Mathilde Seigner in the commentary of his photo, adding the Instagram accounts of Sophie and Baptiste.

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