Soprano dad: his very special method for going to see his son at football, and staying incognito!

Soprano is one of the favorite artists of the French. His titles The Coach, I roll or To our everyday heroes (one of the flagship titles of the first confinement in the spring of 2020) make him a star with all generations, young and old.

But behind the artist hides Saïd M’Roumbaba (his real name), Alexia’s husband (his wife since June 2006) and the father of her three children: Inaya, 14, Lenny, 13 and Luna, 10. For Soprano, and indeed for any celebrity, it’s not always easy to move to any place without a crowd of fans!

“When I arrive in a tournament, it’s a riot”

Friday June 24, Soprano was the guest of the podcast parents first from the magazine Entertainment TV. The 43-year-old artist revealed her little mania for going to see her son Lenny in peace. “Where it’s a little hard is for my son, first recognized Soprano. It’s complicated to go to his football tournaments. When I arrive in a tournament, it’s a riot. So I have to hide. My wife goes first. She looks and says to me: “There, there is a place where you can take the car and put yourself on the side.” So I step aside, I’m in the car. I stay next to a grid, I have the hood on and I watch the game like that.”

Despite the daily difficulties caused by notoriety, Soprano – who is the headliner of the documentary Soprano: to life and death airing on Disney+ since June 15, 2022 – is quite proud of how far it has come to get here. A legacy he would like to leave to his children later, as he explained in the podcast parents first : “The goal of this documentary series was to show our history to our children. We thought we had to leave them a legacy, explain to them that everything has not always been easy for us. Today, we have a comfortable life but it didn’t fall from the sky. My granddaughter is going to be 15, the boy is 12 and the youngest is 10. They are super proud of their dad. Afterwards, when they were born, their dad was famous.” Children who, no doubt, are proud of their star dad!

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