Soprano: the nugget docu-series to catch up on Disney+

Through a touching and intimate documentary series, one of the favorite rappers of the French delivers frankly in front of the camera. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are 3 good reasons to catch up with Soprano: to life, to death, on Disney+.

In 6 episodes of 45 minutes, the series Soprano: à la vie, à la mort offers a fresh and personal look at the joys, sorrows, and all the highlights of the artist’s life. From his group Psy 4 de la rime formed with his cousins ​​Alonzo and Vincenzo and his childhood friend, the late DJ Sya Styles, to his solo career with 6 albums and sold-out tours, the rapper’s incredible destiny is described to the rhythm of touching encounters. A nugget to discover without further delay on Disney+.

A certain look at the history of French Rap

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, Soprano, or Saïd M’Roumbaba of his real name, saw at the forefront the rise of Hip-Hop in France. NTM, MC Solaar, and of course IAM: so many names that have forged the legend of rap, and which have greatly influenced his career.

With more than 2 million albums sold, and hits such as A la bien, Cosmo, Hiro or Fresh Prince, the artist has also left a major mark in the history of French rap, imprinting a style that is clean, and which has never ceased to renew itself.

The series is therefore an opportunity to take stock of this musical movement which does not run out of steam, through the nearly 30-year career of one of its most brilliant talents.

It’s Marseille baby!

Back to basics for Sopra! So eloquent and singular, the Phocaean City saw him born in 1979, and he has never left it since. Based on numerous archive images rich in emotion, the documentary series offers us a real dive into Marseille, and in particular the northern districts of Plan D’Aou or Balusters, where the rapper spent his youth.


The influence of his teachers, that of the elders of the neighborhood, or the meetings of his best friends Mateo, Djamali and Mej who accompany him on a daily basis: the one who now fills entire stadiums on each tour tells how much this city has inculcated the values ​​of living together, tolerance and resourcefulness.

With stars in his eyes, he evokes, among other things, the exploit of Zinedine Zidane in 1998, from the neighboring city, or his first meeting with Akhenaten, the pioneer of Marseille rap. Two personalities who had an impact on his trajectory, proving to him that anything was possible, even for a kid from the modest northern districts. Has a well !

A parade of prestigious guests

From those who saw him grow as an artist, such as Skyrock director Laurent Bouneau, host Fred Musa and Akhenaton, to the new Marseille generation directly inspired by his success, such as Jul or SCH: a number of industry heavyweights parade under the camera of co-directors Céline Jallet, Anthony Igoulen and Yoan Zerbit.


Brothers, sisters, friends, artists, and even our national Zizou, all strip naked to evoke the artist whom they describe as a real workaholic, emphasizing his generosity and his love of music. Confidences that make us go from laughter to tears, for a docuseries that is worth the detour!

Discover now the documentary series Soprano: to life, to death on Disney+.

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