Sorare brings out starting XI from Belgium and France as NFT

Sorare enters into another partnership. Together with Goldin Auctions, the starting eleven from Belgium and France are brought onto the blockchain.

The fantasy soccer game Sorare goes into partnership with the auction platform Goldin Auctions a. The French company announced this in a press release that BTC-ECHO has received. Together you bring the starting XI of the current best National teams (Belgium and France) as NFT on the market. Interested parties can now exclusively access superstars such as Kylian Mbappé, Paul Pogba, Kevin de Bruyne or Romelu Lukaku Goldin Auctions get hold of. However, it is not known how many copies can be purchased on the platform. However, both parties were delighted with the deal. So said Sam Farber of Gold Auctions:

Sports trading cards and memorabilia are seeing massive growth, fueled again by NFTs. We couldn’t be more pleased with our platform for the incredible digital assets of Sorare to give fans around the world access to their favorite athletes.

Sam Farber, Head of Business Development at Goldin Auctions.

Generally every player has at Sorare over three different rarity levels that determine the number of replications. There are 100 copies with the rarity “Rare”, 10 versions with “Super Rare” and a single “Unique” NFT card. In addition, the value is also influenced by the actual performances of the players. Assuming Kylian Mbappé shoots his club Paris Saint-Germain to the championship title, owners of his card will certainly be happy about an increase in value.

NFT: Sorare’s market value grows

Aside from the new cooperation, there is another reason to be happy at the NFT company Sorare. Recently, for example, there were rumors about the completion of a financing round at the French company. Accordingly, the blockchain platform is said to have received a financial injection of US $ 532 million. However, CEO Nicolas Julia denied the completion of the financing round. Should the information prove correct, however, the new company value would amount to 3.8 billion US dollars.

The reason for the growing interest in investors is likely to be the company’s numerous partnerships with well-known football clubs. In addition to France and Belgium, the German national team also plays on the blockchain of Sorare. Even at club level, the NFT game can be adorned with absolute football giants such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Juventus Turin or Paris Saint-Germain.

In addition to the trading system, there is also a Sorare a competitive mode in which players can have their teams compete against each other in teams of three – similar to that Fifa Ultimate Team. The Paris company’s concept seems to be picking up its users. Overall, the number of users doubled compared to November to 90,000 active monthly users. Also sold Sorare so far, according to their own information, trading cards worth 80 million US dollars. For comparison: That’s how much Chelsea let the transfer of last season Kai Havertz costs.


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