Sore throat (with or without fever): possible causes, when to worry, treatment

Depending on its intensity and duration, the sore throat can be more or less bothersome. Doctor Faïza Bossy, general practitioner, reveals the causes that can cause it and his recommendations for taking care of it.

Common in winter and in children, sore throat is characterized by pain that can occur when coughing, swallowing or talking. Different causes can be responsible for a sore throat. We distinguish in particular:

Certain factors that do not have an infectious or bacterial origin can also trigger a sore throat. This discomfort can be caused by irritation due to atmospheric pollution, dry ambient air, an allergy, tobacco, the presence of a foreign body in the throat (fishbone) or even a gastroesophageal reflux.

“In the case of pharyngitis, tonsillitis and epiglottitis, the patient is affected by fever in addition to sore throat. Other signs may also occur such as tingling in the throat, difficulty speaking and swallowing, nasal obstruction, otalgia (ear pain), coughing as well as skin rashes occurring mainly on the face and upper limb area”, explains Doctor Faïza Bossy, general practitioner .

Patients affected by epiglottitis may emit stridor, a high-pitched whistling that occurs (…)

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