Soukdavone Gayat (large families) thinned: big weight loss in just 9 days!

Good news keeps coming for members of one of the show’s most powerful clans Large families: life in XXL. Favorites of viewers since season 1, broadcast in 2020, the Gayats recently attended Olivia’s wedding and the birth of a little boy, the son of Téo and his partner Marie. On Saturday June 25, 2022, it was Soukdavone, the mother of a family living in the Cher, who revealed to her subscribers, on her Instagram account, that she had accomplished the impossible.

I am so happy. For me it’s huge!

Olivier Gayat and Soukdavone and had nine children together. Her nine pregnancies did not help the mother to keep her figure, as she would have sometimes wanted, and that is why she embarked on an express cure of the Forever brand. “9 or 10 days ago, I weighed 77 kilos and there I will discover my weight at the same time as you”, she explained before stepping on the scale. Result of the races: in such a short time, she lost 3.5 kg. “I am so happyshe rejoiced. For me it’s huge. And here I’m going to measure my measurements in relation to the centimeters of the arms, legs, all that, and at the same time I’m going to share it with you right away.

5.5cm less in waist circumference, 1.5kg in the arms, 1.5 also for the thighs… if she promotes the Forever brand, the C9 cure, and she has a promo code for these miracle solutions, it’s not for nothing: the shop that sells these products, online, belongs to him. If Soukdavone Gayat gradually finds a smile, it was not won, in recent months, in addition to the marriages and births that have been linked to his family. A little earlier, Olivier’s wife had discovered that her husband was cheating on her. “I fell for the social media panelhe confessed to Entertainment TV. I chatted with a girl. I am a very impressionable person.“Fortunately, all has since been forgiven. Another weight off.

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