Soul Hackers 2, the next game from Atlus is revealed a little more through a slew of images

Atlus announced it with a trailer last February and although it may seem surprising, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner – Soul Hackers will indeed have a new version called Soul Hackers 2 which will be released on August 26th.

The first opus may not mean anything to you, but you should know that its original release was in 1997 on Saturn in Japan before coming out on the PlayStation two years later to finally arrive on 3DS here in 2013. This spin-off of the saga allowed you to embody a hacker within his group to find out what is behind the government’s plans. With a turn-based combat system in which it is possible to interact with the demons in order to make your enemies, your allies laying the foundations that we find for example in the mobile game Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2.

Soul Hackers 2, details in pictures

First of all, you have to know that it won’t be a direct sequel, but rather a new game in this series. In Soul Hackers 2, you will control ringo, a member of Aion who will have to fight alongside demon summoners in order to prevent the end of the world. She will be sent with Fig to locate the threats and monitor two individuals in particular. However, the latter are dead and Ringo will revive them. With their help, you will have to discover the truth about the end of the world and thus complete your objective.


Soul Hackers 2 Characters

We told you about Ringo in the previous paragraph, but it is also important to introduce the other characters who will be present in your adventure, starting with the resurrected individuals.


Saizo is a demon summoner who was killed by a Ghost Society agent. He was revived by Ringo and decides to join the group with his own goal in mind. He often intervenes as a mediator with Arrow and Milady.


Milady is a Phantom Society agent who finds herself killed by her own allies and, once brought back to life, joins Ringo’s group to find out who killed him and why. She is rather calm, reasoned and she works by logic. His choices can be seen as ruthless to others.


Arrow is an agent of Yagatarasu, a faction of demon summoners. Rather gentle and discreet, he is nevertheless limited in his moral code, which he follows to the letter. As a result, he often argues with Milady. As far as the story goes, he is among the Summoners with significance in the end of the world, and he, too, is revived by Ringo.


Fig is also an agent of Aion and she supports Ringo’s group during their adventures. Fascinated by humans, her analytical skills will be a strong point to help you during your journey and you can always count on her support. Although she is not necessarily related to Ringo, she is a bit like her big sister and she exercises a certain authority over the latter, who can be quite stubborn.


Ringo is a newly created member of Aion who has a certain attraction for culture, human emotions as well as society. She will have an important role to play alongside Arrow and the others to prevent the end of the world.

The game mechanics

As for the game mechanics present in this RPG, we find the Soul Hack of Ringo allowing you to infiltrate the memories of the deceased to revive them, but also the possibility of coming into contact with the demons via the gadget called COMP or the conjuration which allows you to attack your enemies using a horde of demons if you hit it at its weak points. The fusion of demons is also present via the dimensions you will find within the city.

This is what concludes this news on Soul Hackers 2. We suspect that other information will arrive later by the release of course.

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