Soul love: Everything about the spiritual relationship

For many, soul love is the highest form of love. But how does it feel and how do you recognize it? We’ll explain it to you.

What is soul love?

A deep bond and love between two people is described as soul love. It is not of a physical or sexual nature, the connection is made exclusively through the souls.

These spiritual kinship already exists over many earth life or has developed in the course of these. Two people feel an unprecedented, deep connection and love from the first minute. They complement each other perfectly and live in perfect harmony with each other. But in order to keep the love of the soul up forever, a lot of work with the own ego is required.

Special forms of soul love

In addition to the superordinate soul love, there are two other forms of soul love. The twin soul love and the dual soul love.

  • One Twin soul love is not only experienced in a relationship with a man or a woman. Family members, friends or pets can also be a twin soul with a deep love. Usually two souls have experienced the same development, have gone through difficult times together or have grown together. Twin soul love arises from the division of one soul into two souls.
  • In the Dual soul love the dual soul divides into two bodies. Each body carries the opposite energy within itself, so that dual souls attract each other. With dual souls one speaks of a true love that becomes stronger from time to time.

Requirements for a soul love

Soul love lets people feel connections that not rationally explainable and are often confusing. The theory says that people must be able to deal with this attractive and at the same time repulsive energy in order to be able to experience this spiritual love of soul partnership on earth positively.

The following requirements should be met for this:

  • Learn to love yourself
  • Acceptance of your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Acceptance of the partner’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Openness for inner growth of the soul
  • Acceptance of strong love

If these requirements are not met, it is impossible for these two people to develop soul love. Instead, there is intense pain.

How do I know love for the soul?

When two soul mates meet, they usually immediately feel an unprecedented, very special connection between each other. A familiar feeling resonates, as if they had met before. They cannot explain this strong connection and attractive energy.

Painful soul love

As already mentioned, a soul love that does not yet meet certain requirements can become very painful. Maybe they are Partners: not yet mature enough or not yet have sufficient self-love. In these cases, painful conflicts can arise.

Switching on the head also leads to control addiction. The mind cannot understand this type of love and looks for explanations that do not exist. The fact of not being able to logically explain this state of affairs scares a person in the relationship. He tries to control his counterpart or begins to become suspicious. Quarrels and temporary separations overshadow the deep love and connection of the soul.

But separation can also be helpful for personal development and to be seen as a chance that you will find each other again at some point. Suffering only arises when you do not accept and allow your weaknesses. If you are at peace with yourself and your soul, your partner can be in the mirror of yourself.

The 8 phases of soul love

Soul love usually goes through eight phases, which are also interpreted as stages of development. Both soul mates: grow within and with one another, both parties become a better version of themselves. The eight phases can be described as follows:

Phase 1: love at first sight

In the first phase two souls meet. An attraction arises, you both feel them. You may already know here that you have found the love that you have always been looking for. You cannot turn your gaze from your soul mate.

Phase 2: You are inseparable

In the second phase you enjoy the love of your souls to the full. You enter into a symbiotic relationship in which you want to share every moment with your new love. Your symbiosis seems almost scary to you.

Phase 3: pain

In the third phase of your love, you look for a catch. This life cannot be true. Fears from past relationships find their way into your mind. There is no way you want to get hurt. Especially not in this new and perfect love. Self-sabotage sets in, you argue more often.

Phase 4: distance and separation

The fourth phase describes the most difficult. It turns out what you are so afraid of: You split up from your soul mate. Male soul mates often not only distance themselves from their partners: inside, they also move away from their deep feelings and take flight. The female soul mate usually suffers a lot from the situation, but wants to change and fight for her new love. She wants to solve these problems.

Phase 5: Mental anguish

In the fifth phase, the partner suffers particularly. Their souls have already connected and long for one another. You really want to have contact with each other again.

Phase 6: Recognize the true self

The sixth phase describes a learning phasein which the lovers have to learn more about themselves. Self-love, self-acceptance and questions like: “What are my strengths and weaknesses? Which mistakes do I make repeatedly and what can I learn from them?” are extremely important to answer. Accepting the negative things in life makes you grow and teaches you to deal with new challenges. Find the real you

Phase 7: reunification

Reunification will steer your love in a positive direction. Both soul partners have worked on themselves, overcome old pain and found themselves. A clear look into the future, not the past, gives you new strength. Your souls have been waiting for this moment.

Phase 8: new beginning

Now the new beginning of your love begins. You have left the learning stages behind and have found yourselves. Fears, insecurities and fear of loss no longer germinate in you. You accept yourself and your counterpart as it is.

How long each phase lasts and whether you skip phases varies from couple to couple. Emotionally mature and self-loving people may not even fall into the phases of pain and self-discovery and unite immediately.

Find soul love

You may now be wondering where to find your: n soulmates: n. In the first step, you should first and foremost just focus on yourself. Allow an inner development, grow, learn to love yourself and explore your inner happiness. To experience soul love, you have to be happy deep inside.

Be aware that you:

  • No: n Savior: in need
  • Are perfect
  • Don’t have to look for someone to heal your internal injuries
  • Just need you to grow

If you understand and accept this, you will find a soul love. The deep connection to yourself is the most important requirement to feel a connection between two souls on earth. The energy that you send out with this realization will attract your soul love.

3 myths about love of the soul

The greatest assumption in relation to soul love is that with this form of love we grow old, have children, and spend our lives with it forever. We would like to check these and other assumptions.

1. You grow old together with your soul love

The romanticized image of soul love describes a love in which two people spend their time on earth together and grow old together. But how you live your earthly soul love is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way. Perhaps you would like to give yourself space to unfold and develop and therefore do not live together. Through freedoms, your deep connection thrives and you come closer together than ever. The misconception that soul love only works through physical closeness is unfounded. Rather, the opposite is true.

2. We only have one soul love on this earth

That we only have one soul mate on earth sounds romantic. But through the connection of all people with one another, there is a high probability that we will not only have a deep emotional bond with one person. Perhaps at some point you will realize that it is time to let your soulmate partnership go and let in a new love. Your soul connection remains forever like an invisible one. Perhaps the love of soul will bring you together again in another life. Sometimes a new bond of love is added. This is especially the case at different levels of learning. Don’t be afraid to let a soul love go when your intuition sends you on that path.

3. Soul connections do not last for several lives

We’ve already revealed: Soul connections last forever. Maybe you are taking your current life or a coming one from a previous life with you. Spiritual soul love is not limited in time. It may happen that your ways part for a certain period of time, that you find another love during a separation or that someone of you dies prematurely. In no case does your kinship end at this moment.

Soul love is a very intense form of love that requires a lot of work with oneself. The prospect of coming into contact with a loving soul in this life is a beautiful prospect. But do not despair if you have not yet met this love. It could happen at any moment.

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