Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro in the test – How good are the True Wireless Noisecanceling headphones really?

Actually, this review was supposed to be about the Noise-canceling headphones from Soundcore already appear 2 months ago, but they were Liberty 3 Pro with me for some time in the drawer after the first sound test was anything but good is.

the Reasons for my bad first impression – and how it came about that I very satisfied now with the in-ear headphones, I would like to describe to you here.

Disappointment in the first sound test & troubleshooting

Compact headphones with excellent sound and active noise canceling. That sounded almost too good to be true. So I was looking forward to the new headphones from Soundcore (by Anker) all the more. the Packaging was high quality, there were many Adjustment options for a perfect hold and everything else looked very high quality at first glance.

But then I put the headphones in my ears and tested the sound. At first I couldn’t believe my ears here. Normal music went halfway, but It almost hurt my ears, especially when watching YouTube videos or talking on Skype. I could hardly believe it.

Why did these EarBuds sound worse than comparatively cheap models? Disappointed, they disappeared into the drawer and I stopped thinking about them for a while.

However, when I heard from other people how satisfied they were with the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro, I gave it another try – and was very positively surprised. I did something that I should have done right at the beginning: I installed the Soundcore app and updated the software and calibrated the headphones on my hearing.

As it turned out, I still had a very early model from the pre-production series received in which the software was not yet free of errors.

Now I could finally hear the “real” sound, and now I carry the Liberty 3 Pro around with me almost all the time – and am very happy with the sound and the noise cancellation!


Perfect fit thanks to 4 different sizes
Perfect fit thanks to 4 different sizes

There are altogether 4 different sizes for interchangeable attachments. On the one hand for that Auditory canal – on the other hand, also for them auricle myself. Due to the double adaptability, the Liberty 3 Pro sit perfectly in the ear and even when jogging they do not fly out.

thanks to Waterproof according to IPX4 they don’t mind a little sweat and light rain either.

Charging box & battery life

soundcore-liberty-3-pro-anchor loading box-size

the Battery life the headphones come with 8 hours without ANC (Noise-Canceling) and 6 hours with ANC specified. In my case, after a 5 hour train ride with ANC, I got the warning “Warning, only 10% battery”. The information should therefore approximate.

However, the storage box also offers one Fast charging function (Anker Fast Charging). After 15 minutes of charging you have 3 hours of playtime again.

Overall, you can Charge the headphones 3X with the charging box without having to charge the box yourself. So you can get by without ANC for up to 32 hours without a power source. With noise cancellation 24 hours.

However, the large battery in the charging cradle also comes at the expense of size. I’ve seen smaller boxes here with others True wireless in-ear headphones. Due to the oval shape and gentle curves, you can still carry it in your pocket.

Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro - Up to 32 hours of music playback with charging box

Soundcore app

As already mentioned at the beginning, you should definitely check out the Install the Soundcore app and configure and update the Liberty 3 Pro. The software is constantly updated and so you can get the most out of the devices.

I find the opportunity to be my own unique Test your hearing. Here, by playing different tone frequencies, it is determined which tones the hearing can still process. Then the sound reproduction is adjusted individually.

Individual sound profile for Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro EarBuds & HearID test
Individual sound profile for Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro EarBuds & HearID test

You can also set many other favorites in the app, not just for the sound, but also for the Assignment of the keys concerns.

Control of the Soundcore EarBuds

In the standard setting, only double-click and long press on both headphones are supported.

With it you can control play, pause, next song, accept call and reject call as well as switch between ANC and transparency mode.

One uses just a headphone, there is no ANC [Mit der neuesten Firmware ist ANC auch im Mono-Modus verfügbar], but it automatically jumps to the voice assistant function if you press the button longer.

The app can be used to change the actions and also activate single tap. Even triple tap is possible.

So you can store 3 further actions per page, eg “last song” or “voice assistant” (Siri / Google).

Operation of the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro EarBuds can be set via the app
Operation of the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro EarBuds can be set via the app

ANC – Noisecanceling the Liberty 3 Pro

In the office, I usually use mine Bose Quiet Comfort. These headphones are relatively large and completely cover the ear. Hard to believe, therefore, that the Liberty 3 Pro absolutely keep up with the noise suppression be able.

Monotonous noises such as street noise or train noises are excellently filtered out. The general humming of people in a restaurant is also barely noticeable. But voices are also filtered out relatively well, which is often not the case with many other headphones.

The one is also very practical Transparency mode. Here, ANC is not simply deactivated, but the ambient noise is passed on directly through integrated microphones. This means that the headphones can also be used safely in traffic.

Unlike many other devices, ANC works even when no music is playing. You can hardly hear any background noise. However, the full effect is really only achieved with music. However, a very quiet song is sufficient to excellently suppress ambient noise.

Liberty 3 Pro with ANC - Very high quality noise cancellation & transparency mode for safety in road traffic
Liberty 3 Pro with ANC – Very high quality noise cancellation & transparency mode for safety in road traffic

Sound quality of the Liberty 3 Pro

The sound quality at Music playback, podcasts, while on the phone, etc. is now good almost everywhere after the software update. Only when playing I don’t think the sound is perfect for YouTube content on the PC. Voices in particular can easily sound tinny here. There is a slight bass that can be adjusted even more via the app. You can hear the other person speaking on the phone very well and the other person’s voice comes across clearly.

Smaller ones Background noises are even filtered out during phone calls. It shouldn’t be too loud, however, as the distance between the microphone and your mouth is too great to compensate for it.

Liberty 2 Pro - Recommended by 20 Grammy winners
Liberty 2 Pro – Recommended by 20 Grammy winners


With updated firmware you get the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro from Anker very high quality true wireless in-ear headphones with active noise canceling and a large battery for a comparatively low price. Those who mainly use the headphones together with their mobile phone will be very happy with them. Only playback of YouTube content on the PC does not yet provide perfect sound, Soundcore still has to work on it. For whom this is not relevant, I can make a recommendation for the Liberty 3 Pro.

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