South Korea will investigate app store operators for alleged violations of in-app payments.

Last year, South Korea passed the law, an amendment to the Telecommunications Business Law, which prohibits major app store operators such as Google and Apple from forcing software developers to use their payment systems. .

The rules have been in effect since March.

The Korea Communications Commissions said in a statement that it had been conducting an inspection since May 17 to determine whether Google, Apple and One Store had violated the revised telecommunications business law. She determined that the three app operators may have violated the rules.

Google, Apple and One Store were not immediately available for comment when contacted by Reuters.

The KCC added that it plans to take strict measures such as corrective orders or the imposition of fines if the investigation reveals prohibited activities.

Prohibited acts include app market operators unfairly delaying review of Mobile Content, or denying, delaying, restricting, removing, or blocking registration, renewal, or inspection of Mobile Content that uses third-party payment methods .

Potential fines for violations may be up to 2% of the average annual revenue of the relevant business practices, depending on the rules.

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