S&P and Nasdaq are also gaining ground: Fed decision lifts Dow Jones to record high

S&P and Nasdaq are also up
Fed decision lifts Dow Jones to record high

The US Federal Reserve confirms its loose monetary policy stance. The Fed decision calms investors on Wall Street. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 even mark new highs.

Well-received statements by the US Federal Reserve on monetary policy have given Wall Street a tailwind. The U.S. Standard Values ‚Äč‚ÄčIndex Dow Jones closed 0.6 percent higher to 33,015 points. The technology-heavy one Nasdaq advanced 0.4 percent to 13,525 points. The broad one S&P 500 gained 0.3 percent to 3974 points. Dow Jones and S&P set new records.

Despite the more favorable economic outlook, the Fed is sticking to its ultra-loose monetary policy. "It is noteworthy that it is forecasting 6.5 percent growth for the current year and yet not changing its policy," said Neil Wilson, chief analyst at the online broker Markets.com. "It looks like the Fed is going to let the economy run hot and not intervene."

Bonds mixed – dollars under pressure

In the bond market, investors reacted differently to the Fed's decision. The yield on landmark 10-year US bonds fell to 1.6462 percent after previously hitting a 14-month high of 1.689 percent. Yields also fell on bonds with shorter maturities. The 30-year Treasuries, however, at 2.464 percent at times, were as high as they were last year and a half.

At the same time, the US currency plummeted. Of the Dollar index, which reflects the exchange rate to major currencies, lost 0.5 percent. Because this gold makes it more attractive for investors outside the US, the precious metal rose 0.8 percent to $ 1,744 per troy ounce (31.1 grams).

Uber in the red

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