Spa at home – expert tips for wellness in your own bathroom

Spa at home
Expert tips for wellness in your own bathroom

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Does it always have to be the wellness hotel? We asked Home Spa Expert Susanne Kaufmann.

by BARBARA editorial team

Ms. Kaufmann, how do I transform my home into an oasis of wellbeing?

Nothing can disturb a home spa like laundry in the bathroom or towels lying around. So remove all disturbing factors from the bathroom and create a cozy atmosphere.

What should a home spa have?

Above all, rest. My personal home spa moment begins with lighting a candle and letting in a warm bath, the addition of which I choose depending on my mood. I like to listen to jazz. A room spray or a good book can also help you relax. After the bath, I snuggle up in a bathrobe.

What if I only have a shower at home?

That doesn't matter, it's more about the overall atmosphere, the mood, i.e. creating order, for example with a nice holder for shower utensils and decorative care products that also smell good and pamper the skin.

What does your care routine look like afterwards?

I love oils that I massage into damp skin. The oil is absorbed faster and binds the moisture in the skin.