Space For Sale makes us create a real estate empire, but in space

During the conference THQ Nordicthe publisher had a lot of announcements for us, like Alone in the Darkto start with Space For Salethe next game of Mirage Game Studioswho became known with Little Big Workshop. This time, instead of managing a factory, we’ll go for a ride in space since Space For Sale is going to ask us to make planets habitable, not for the discovery or the survival of humanity, but simply to develop our own real estate empire.

Everything sells, even in space

Building houses in space is big business. Before being able to make an area habitable, it is necessary to check if the surroundings are conducive to welcoming inhabitants, which requires a lot of effort.

Space For Sale therefore presents us with a sandbox type gameplay, where we will go from planet to planet with different biomesalways in the goal of building houses. It will therefore be necessary to hunt the hostile aliens in the surroundings, to go to the harvest of materials, to create networks to supply the houses with energy, etc.

Obviously, the game will not make it easy for you since while there are some very welcoming worlds, others are more complex to manage. We will find for example volcanic worlds which should complicate the logistics a little. Fortunately, we can enjoy all this together thanks to the presence of a cooperation mode.

Space For Sale will soon be available on PC.

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