“Spacey Unmasked”: Kevin Spacey describes documentary as a “desperate attempt”

“Spacey Unmasked”
Kevin Spacey calls documentary a “desperate attempt”

Kevin Spacey in court in the summer of 2023 after an acquittal.

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A new documentary about the disgraced Kevin Spacey will be released soon. He talks about a hunt for ratings.

A new documentary will be dedicated in a few days Kevin Spacey (64) and allegations against the fallen Hollywood star. The actor doesn’t want to let this slide in advance.

The British broadcaster Channel 4 will show on May 6th and 7th “Spacey Unmasked”. The 64-year-old, who was acquitted of serious charges in Britain last year, is criticized for not having been given enough time to respond to new allegations that appear to be made in the documentary.

Channel 4 had already announced work on the documentary in summer 2022. The broadcaster describes the documentary, among other things, as a “forensic look” at the rise and fall of the US actor. During the production, several men, who had nothing to do with the process, will speak and report on their experiences with Spacey.

No “fair opportunity” for Kevin Spacey?

Among other things, Spacey was accused in a trial in London of having inappropriately touched or forced sexual intercourse with four men in Great Britain between 2001 and 2013. He denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty. Around a month after the trial began, he was finally acquitted of all charges in July 2023. Spacey has now apparently been given the opportunity to respond to allegations made in the new documentary.

The actor writes on platformthat he had asked Channel 4 several times in the past week to be given more than seven days to respond to allegations that were said to date back 48 years. He also asked for “sufficient details” to investigate the matter. “Channel 4 has refused this on the grounds that they believe that requiring me to respond within seven days to new, anonymised and unspecified allegations is a ‘fair opportunity’ for me to refute all allegations made against me ” writes Spacey. Also to the industry magazine “Variety” the broadcaster said there was sufficient opportunity to comment.

Spacey declares war on Channel 4 on There is an appropriate channel for allegations and it is not Channel 4. Whenever he has been given sufficient time and an appropriate forum to defend himself, he has been exonerated. Spacey has announced further comments for the coming weekend.

According to media reports, Warner Bros. Discovery will also bring “Spacey Unmasked” to Germany. The documentary will therefore be available via the “Discovery+” streaming platform.


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