Spain: one dead and 8 injured in the flight of a bouncy castle

ACCIDENT – A girl died and 8 other children were injured after a bouncy castle blew up in Mislata, near Valencia in Spain. The mayor of the town has decreed three days of mourning.

Cries of horror quickly covered the cries of joy. Tuesday evening, a bouncy castle was blown away during a party organized in the suburbs of Valencia, Spain, taking with it a dozen children. Local authorities announced on Wednesday that an 8-year-old child has succumbed to her injuries. Eight other children were injured, one seriously. Four years old, he is still hospitalized, reports the Guardian.

“There are no words, it’s a real drama”, said the mayor of Mislata, Carlos Bielsa, on Twitter where he published a statement announcing the death of the little girl. The town has decreed three days of mourning and canceled all the celebrations still planned for the holidays including the Three Kings parade which was to take place on Wednesday evening, on the eve of Epiphany, as in most Spanish cities.

I saw the children who were in the air– A witness cited by the Guardian

“All of a sudden I saw him rise in the air”said a witness whose words are reported by the Guardian. “I saw the children who were in the air, I think they fell on another inflatable structure. There was a young girl on the ground, unconscious”, he added.

On social media, firefighters shared photos showing pieces of the castle strewn across the fairground, adding that research had been carried out to ensure no children were trapped in the structure.

An investigation was opened to determine the causes of the incident and possible responsibilities.

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Recurring accidents

The accident comes after six children died in a similar drama in Australia in December. A large bouncy castle was blown by the wind during the end of the year party at an elementary school in the town of Devenport in Tasmania.

Very impressive, these accidents are however far from isolated. In July, a bouncy castle had also risen over 30 feet at a party in Belarus, throwing several children to the ground. The incident left seven people injured. In 2017, a 6-year-old girl also died in the same circumstances in Malavella, in northeastern Spain, and six other children were injured, two of them seriously.

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