Spartacus: the evolution of PlayStation Plus is getting closer, according to Jeff Grubb

As announced in December, this new formula codenamed Spartacus should take the form of a PlayStation Plus offering three levels instead of just one like today. Although names and prices may change until the last moment, Jeff Grubb has heard of the terms Essential, Extra and Premium to describe these three levels.

The Essential level corresponds to PlayStation Plus as we know it today, with its three or four games per month, access to online gaming and reductions in the prices of certain games, so it is announced at the price already valid for $10 for one month (and $60 for the year). The novelty therefore comes from the addition of the Extra ($13 for one month) and Premium ($16 for one month) levels.

The Extra level would add permanent access to a catalog of hundreds of games which, according to Jeff Grubb, would correspond to the PlayStation Now catalog available for download, in other words some 400 PS4 games and around twenty PS2 games. A way to go further than the PlayStation Plus Collection which has never been enriched since the launch of the PS5.

The optimal fusion of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now would therefore be the prerogative of the Premium level, which would allow access to the game in streaming on an indefinite number of titles (unless the entire PlayStation Now catalog is integrated, in which case we are talking about a little less than 850 games). According to information from Jeff Grubb, the PlayStation Plus Premium also includes the possibility of testing new PlayStation products for a certain period of time, as offered for example by the EA Play subscription. Finally, and as already suggested by Bloomberg, “classic games” from previous generations of PlayStation will also be part of the arguments, but the details on this point are unknown.

Sony will enter a test phase for Spartacus in the coming weeks. It could announce details of its new membership program in March, but that will depend on its ability to roll out the service.“, adds Jeff Grubb, who has also heard that the launch of Spartacus will come with a facelift of the PlayStation Store and the management of the library of games.

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