Special Candlemas contest: win the Rolls of the Krampouz crepe makers!

A few days before Candlemas (a pagan ceremony that has become Christian and is celebrated by feasting on pancakes), Digital offers you a new game to try to win the ultimate crepe maker, a competition billig rated 5 stars: the Krampouz Billig CEBPA4AO.

Note that preparing pancakes / pancakes on a cast iron billig is worth it, because before any tasting, you must take care of your pancake maker. Thus, it is imperative to operate a “seasoning” of the billig. This operation, which consists of cooking small layers of oil at a high temperature and repeatedly, has two benefits: it creates a protective layer against corrosion and gives the cast iron non-stick properties that are always appreciated when turning the crepes.

Exactly, let’s dwell on the seasoning of the Krampouz Billig CEBPA4AO. According to its manufacturer, at what temperature should the crepe maker be seasoned? Do you have the answer (hint, it is in our test)? Take part in our game below to try to win the Krampouz crepe maker. The winner will be drawn at random from the correct answers.

You have until Sunday, February 5, 2023 to participate. Good luck !

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