Spectrum Square: the speaker made for your Ikea Kallax shelves

Tangent Spectrum Square

Introductory price €249

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Having become the emblem of the Ikea brand, Kallax shelves are a must-have piece of furniture and adorn many homes around the world. It is from this premise that Tangent, a Danish audio brand, started to develop its Spectrum Square speaker. With its dimensions of 33 x 33 x 20 cm, the Spectrum Square fits perfectly into the Kallax or Expedit shelves of the famous Swedish furniture manufacturer.

Tangent Spectrum Square

The speaker is in the form of a block composed of an MDF wooden box with the entire control part placed at the front of the speaker on a wooden slat. The fabric plate protecting the speakers can be changed and thus perfect the very refined look of the speaker. A wide choice of colors is available so that the speaker clashes as little as possible with your interior decoration.

On the audio side, the Spectrum Square offers a stereo rendering based on two 19 mm tweeters and two 110 mm full-range speakers. Two bass reflex vents placed at the front complete the package. It is thus possible to place the speaker against a wall or in a piece of furniture without fearing too much bass amplification.

Tangent Spectrum Square

Without wifi connectivity, the Spectrum Square makes do with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip and a minijack input. It is also possible to pair two speakers together to obtain a real stereo system.

The Spectrum Square is already available at a price of €249.

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