Spider-Man 2: Willem Dafoe played Dr. Octopus!

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Long before “No Way Home”, Alfred Molina and Willem Dafoe, respective interpreters of Dr. Octopus and the Green Goblin, had already crossed paths on the set of one of Spider-Man’s first adventures on the big screen.

In 2004, after the global success of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, filming for the second Spider-Man adventure was in full swing. After Willem Dafoe, who had lent his features to the fearsome Green Goblin, nemesis of Peter Parker in the first opus, it is now Alfred Molina’s turn to find himself confronted with Spidey.

For the occasion, the actor embodies another famous adversary of the superhero: the sprawling Dr. Octopus, whose mind has been controlled by his four dorsal mechanical arms since a terrible accident.

However, one fine morning, arriving on the set to shoot an important scene in his character’s laboratory, Alfred Molina is surprised to discover someone else in his place, equipped with his metallic tentacles.

Indeed, with the complicity of Sam Raimi, and in order to play a little joke on his successor, the former Green Goblin Willem Dafoe played Octopus for a short take, even declaiming a line of dialogue from the character in front of a Alfred Molina visibly amused.

In a way, we can thus see that the two mythical adversaries of Spider-Man had therefore already crossed paths on a set of Spider-Man, about 17 years before teaming up again in No Way Home.

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