Spider-Man 4: finally something new for the next film with Tom Holland?

Two years after the release and worldwide success of “No Way Home”, is Tom Holland ready to return in the Spider-Man costume? The actor takes stock of his superheroic future.

Will come back ? Will not come back? And, if so, when? The questions have been asked for a little less than two years and the triumphant release of Spider-Man: No Way Home (not far from two billion dollars in revenue worldwide), the end of which could serve as a conclusion to the arc narrative of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Just as much as marking the start of a new chapter.

If the second option has since seemed favored by Marvel and the English actor, there is no Spider-Man 4 yet. Officially. But the desire to see it born is visibly there.

“All I can say is that we have actively entered into discussions to determine what my fourth outing in character could look like.”Tom Holland recently declared during a press conference given for the Critics Choice Association.

“Whether or not we succeed in finding a way to do justice to the character is another story. I feel very protective of Spider-Man. I feel very, very fortunate to have been able to work on a franchise that was getting better from film to film, which was becoming more and more successful, which is very rare, and I want to protect this legacy.”

“So I won’t make another [Spider-Man] for the sole pleasure of making one. It will have to be worth it for the character.” So there hasn’t been much progress since June, when Tom Holland declared “There are things happening. Who knows if it will come to fruition or not? But it’s looking pretty good at the moment, we’ll just have to wait.”

But the actor, recently seen in the series The Crowded Room, suggests that discussions have resumed after the actors’ and writers’ strike which paralyzed Hollywood for many months this year. It remains to be seen whether anything will come to fruition. And when.

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