Spider-Man Far From Home: Press pause at 8 minutes and 6 seconds, and take a good look at that sign

Broadcast this evening on TF1, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” contains many hidden details. For example, did you notice this little reference to Sam Raimi’s first film, at the beginning of the feature film?

Of all the feature films in pop culture, the many films that make up the gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe are arguably those with the most hidden details. Real playgrounds for fans and easter egg seekers, the adventures of Captain America, Iron Man or Spider-Man contain dozens of little winks just waiting for you!

In Spider-Man Far From Home, Tom Holland’s second solo adventure in the Spider-Man costume, broadcast this evening on TF1, we will be able to notice that the license plates of certain vehicles correspond to comic numbers. very specific books, that the creators of the works in question appear almost everywhere in the film, or that a sign posted in town subtly announces phase IV of the Marvel universe.

A double reference for real fans!

But in the middle of all these little details there is also a double reference, first to the very first adventures of Spider-Man in comics, but also to Sam Raimi’s first feature film, in which Peter Parker was played by Tobey Maguire.

Marvel Studios

To spot this wink, you will have to press pause at the beginning of the film, in the sequence where Happy warns Peter that Nick Fury is preparing to contact him again. At exactly 8 minutes and 6 seconds, look closely at the poster located just behind Jon Favreau.

At 8 minutes and 6 seconds

If you look at it a little closer, you will see that it announces a wrestling tournament involving a certain… Crusher Hogan. As you certainly know if you are a fan of the original comic books, the latter is the wrestler that Peter Parker faced in the first issues, when he had barely acquired his superpowers.

Sony Pictures

But that’s not all ! Although his name is partly hidden by a ring bell, the sign also announces the presence of Bonesaw McGraw (aka the Chainsaw). Played by Randy Savage on screen, it was he who took Hogan’s place in the ring against Spider-Man in the first part of the trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, during a sequence that fans didn’t see. couldn’t forget.

Did you notice any other references in Spider-Man Far From Home?

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