“Spies”: a documentary about three women with extraordinary destinies

It is a documentary devoted to ex-spies and directed by a former French spy. Flore Rebiere worked for several years for the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI). For the time of a documentary, she changed careers and became a director. For the BrutX platform, she went to meet three colleagues, whom she had never met before: a former Russian spy from the KGB, an Englishwoman from MI6 and a Canadian.

“A nebulous, opaque environment”

All three have very different stories, but they have in common the desire to break the clichés that we often stick to the job. “Since it’s a somewhat nebulous, opaque environment, we don’t know much about it. It’s also really important to be able to show the reality of things a little, that it’s not really like in the movies”, explains Flore Rebiere, director and former French agent.

“Talking about it with other women, other cultures, that was really the interesting point for me, to share all these experiences, both personal and professional, without going into compromising details. But it was really an experience interesting,” she added.

Without revealing too much and to keep a bit of a surprise, here are the main lines of the stories of these women. One of them tells how she infiltrated for 25 years in enemy territory, in the United States, without ever revealing her identity, not even to her children. Another helped spark a scandal within her agency by informing the press. The last recounts the discrimination suffered by her intelligence colleagues because she wore the veil.

Three very strong stories, face to face. And contrary to what one might think, it was not hard to convince these three women to testify. “The fact that I am a veteran of this universe, we were really able to chat by Skype. Seeing that there was someone who really understood their universe, wanting to deconstruct clichés and talk about concrete things, that made them immediately interested,” says Flore Rebiere.

spies, the documentary by Flore Rebiere and Licia Meysenq, is available from Wednesday on the BrutX platform.

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