Splinter Cell: The Remake shares its first images

About a year ago, Ubisoft announced, after years of waiting and hoping, that the Splinter Cell franchise was about to make a comeback, through a remake. Discreet since, given that it is only at the beginning of its development, the title shares its first images, with concept art, shared on the official site.

In addition to revealing these few images (and a video in which the developers come back to the license, and this remake, available at the end of the article), the developers have also provided some details on their vision of things regarding this new Splinter Cell.

At the time, the only information given was that the remake was going to take advantage of what had made the strength of the franchise, while modernizing it to make it more modern. Today, Ubisoft indicates that it understands what is appreciated in Splinter Cell games, betting even more on stealth. “ Obviously stealth is a hugely important pillar for us, and we aim to incorporate modern design philosophies, improving on the minute-by-minute stealth gameplay that was so special in the original. “.

Additionally, Creative Director Chris Auty wants the game can end without any casualties, although it is not something easy to do, for the player. ” We would even like the remake to go a little further. We would like to ensure that the game is playable from start to finish without any player being killed, as much as possible. »

Finally, for those who expect to find out quickly, know that you will have to take your time. The Splinter Cell remake is still only in the prototyping phase and the teams don’t don’t want to rush “. We will therefore have to wait many more months before actually seeing this Splinter Cell Remake.

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