Spoon or foot: This reveals the cuddle position about your feelings

Do you prefer spooning or feet?
This tells you how you cuddle about the relationship

The cuddly position “Sweetheart’s Cradle” stands, among other things, for trust.


For many, there is hardly a better feeling than being in the arms of your partner. Which position you particularly like to cuddle in reveals a lot about the status of your relationship.

The days are getting shorter and it is getting colder outside, which increases the desire to cuddle for many people. There is hardly anything better than lying arm in arm on the sofa or falling asleep in bed together. But a closer look at the cuddle position also reveals something about the relationship status.

Spooning or holding hands: this reveals the position about your feelings

The spoon position or holding hands are very popular, but what does that say about your feelings for one another? In the video you can find out what’s behind your favorite cuddle position and what it says about your love.

Source used: elle.de


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