sport, intermittent fasting, his intense routine to be in shape at 42 years old

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On our screens tonight in a new episode of Tropiques Criminels, Sonia Rolland gives us her sports and slimming tips for keeping in shape at 42 years old. The former Miss France has a well-established routine.

Featured in the series Criminal Tropicsbroadcast every Friday evening on France 2, Sonia Rolland also directed the TV movie An unexpected fate which will be published at the end of 2023. Actress, director and mother of two young girls, the former Miss France seems to have found a balance and is more radiant than ever. In an interview, she confides to us her vision of beauty but also her wellness habits to stay fit at 42.

Very sporty, Sonia Rolland tells us that she is followed by a coach three times a week who accompanies him during his filming: “On the set of Tropiques Criminels, I come with my sports coach who organizes training sessions for me three times a week: cardio, pilates and also muscle strengthening. She also takes care of my food routine so that I can be in great shape during these 4 months of intensive filming.”. On a daily basis, Sonia Rolland also has a well-established food routine. She reveals her tips for staying in shape and be fit.

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“I sleep better without having eaten in the evening”

Sonia Rolland is a fan of intermittent fasting: “When I feel like I’ve overdone the good stuff, I like to do a week or two of intermittent fasting. Sometimes I still make exceptions with my friends! I sleep much better and am more focused the next morning, it’s really great for me”.

The actress is not a fan of diets: “I’m not on a diet, I’m having fun! In the morning I eat a big salty breakfast with eggs and avocado”. On the other hand, it consumes very little refined sugar: “I did a sugar detox at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain, it helped me a lot and I also learned a lot about diet”.

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