Sports car future – AMG sports coupe gets a new type of electric motor

In movies, tire killer thorns are often thrown out of the window of a moving car to shake off pursuers. The Vision AMG should be able to do this without such evil, perhaps that’s why it has stylized these throwing stars on its seamless body. However, the essential thing is: The first electric car developed entirely by AMG is intended to show the future of the Affalterbach sports car.

Okay, these are of course stylized Mercedes stars. Under the skin of the four-door coupe is the independent AMG.EA platform, which is currently being developed in Affalterbach for all-electric performance models. Elements of the four-door coupe study could be on the road in a separate AMG series model in the near future. “With this study, we are now giving a first glimpse of how we will transfer the AMG DNA into the all-electric future from 2025,” says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG. The visual features of the showpiece include a long wheelbase combined with short overhangs, a smooth, flat and almost seamless body and an aerodynamically optimized rear end with a sharp spoiler lip. At the front, a low-mounted radiator and small, star-shaped lights form the face of the sports car, the Mercedes star is on the bonnet, and the AMG lettering is emblazoned on the rear inclined A-pillar and a longer aerodynamically optimized rear overhang with active spoiler. The exterior mirrors replace small cameras. The three LED elements of the headlights form a stylized Mercedes star and allow different functions. Technically, AMG leaves everything in the dark in the press release. The AMG.EA platform, so to speak the sporty variant of the three new electric architectures from Mercedes, enables the use of a new type of axial flow motor, which promises particularly high performance with low weight. The Swabians did not name any further technical data on the upcoming AMG model.
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