Sports medicine specialist on Long Covid: Joshua Kimmich risks retirement

Sports medicine specialists on Long Covid
Joshua Kimmich risks retirement

Like some other Bundesliga professionals, Joshua Kimmich has not yet been vaccinated against the corona virus. The Bayern star is risking severe long-term consequences from Long Covid, warns a sports scientist who oversees many such cases. In the worst case, Kimmich could end his career.

Ingo Froböse, professor of prevention and rehabilitation in sport at the German Sport University Cologne, warns of the long-term consequences of long covid in unvaccinated athletes. Football national player Joshua Kimmich, who has not yet had himself vaccinated against the corona virus, is also part of the endangered group who may suffer from long-term effects after a possible corona infection.

“The risk he takes here is pretty big. The big problems with the non-vaccinated athletes are caused by Long Covid,” said Froböse in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. Long Covid is a long-term consequence “and what a”, said the sports scientist. In the worst case, this could lead to the end of a career, as has already occurred with other athletes.

Many athletes in care

At the sports university in Cologne, many athletes are now being considered and supervised, “which have protracted consequences because they have not been vaccinated,” said Froböse. He could not fully understand Kimmich’s argument: “He’s wrong to take a wrong look at the vaccination.” There are of course side effects, “but these are always only acute reactions from the vaccination,” said Froböse.

The chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), Thomas Mertens, had also rejected Kimmich’s concerns in an interview with the German Press Agency and, with reference to approval studies, stated that so far only “a few side effects have occurred, all of them quite a short time after the Vaccination occurred “.

Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich has not yet been vaccinated against the corona virus due to “personal concerns”. “Yes, that’s right,” he replied to the relevant question. He had concerns, “especially when it comes to the lack of long-term studies,” said Kimmich on Saturday evening after the German record champions Bayern Munich’s 4-0 (2-0) against TSG Hoffenheim on Sky.

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