Spotify annual charts: Who was streamed most in Germany

Spotify annual charts
Who was streamed the most in Germany

Bonez MC was the most streamed artist in Germany on Spotify 2021.

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Almost the entire top 10 most streamed music on Spotify in Germany is dominated by male rappers.

What was streamed the most in Germany and around the world in 2021, Spotify has now announced in a great review of the music of the year. The artist in the world most streamed on Spotify is Bad Bunny (27) – again. The musician from Puerto Rico was already at the top of the Spotify charts last year with his mix of Latin Trap and Reggaeton. In 2021 he has collected 9.1 billion streams so far. After him comes Taylor Swift (31), followed by the South Korean boy group BTS.

The most popular songs worldwide were “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo (18) at number 1, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X (22) and “Stay” by The Kid Laroi (18) and Justin Bieber (27). The most popular albums were also released by Olivia Rodrigo (“Sour”), Dua Lipa (26, “Future Nostalgia”) and Justin Bieber (“Justice”).

Male rap rules in Germany

In Germany, on the other hand, the mainstream only seems to hear one thing: rap. From men. The list of the most popular musicians in Germany is made up exclusively of male rappers, led by Bonez MC (35), Luciano (27) and Capital Bra (27). Only Justin Bieber in ninth place comes from a different genre, one woman didn’t make it into the top 10 at all. In Germany’s all-female list, LEA (29), Billie Eilish (19) and Taylor Swift lead the way.

The most popular songs on streaming devices in Germany were “Ohne Dich” by Kasimir1441, badmómzjay, Wildbwoys, “Friday (feat. Mufasa & Hypeman) – Dopamine Re-Edit” by Riton (43) and “Stay” by The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber. The most streamed albums of the year in this country were “Aqua” by Luciano, “Sour” by Olivia Rodrigo and “=” by Ed Sheeran (30).

“Mixed hack” back on the international charts

The most popular podcasts in this country were again “Mixed Hack”, “Fest & Flauschig” with Olli Schulz (48) and Jan Böhmermann (40) and the true crime podcast “Verbrechen” from “Zeit”. “Mixed Hack” with Felix Lobrecht (32) and Tommi Schmitt (32) was the only non-English podcast to even make it – again – into the top 10 international podcasts.


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