Spotify leaked the details of its Supremium subscription in lossless quality, here they are

Spotify’s HiFi subscription is a bit like the Arlesian of music streaming. While the Internet music streaming giant is ahead of its competitors in number of subscribers, the Swedish company is still behind some of its competitors in terms of sound quality. According to Reddit, this should change soon.

While rumors about Spotify’s premium lossless quality content offering had surfaced in 2021, nothing has been concretely put in place, and we have not had any information regarding it for several months. A Reddit member conducted the investigation and is sharing his findings.

Hypixely declares on the social network: “I found information on the new Supremium formula that Spotify calls “Nemo” internally.” If the information he reveals to us is true, this news will offer more than better sound quality. Nemo will include:

  • 24-bit Lossless music streaming (we no longer talk about Hifi)
  • creating playlists with AI
  • 30 hours of audiobook listening per month
  • the ability to filter your library by mood, activity and genre

But also advanced mixing tools which will allow, for example, to arrange the reading order of the pieces of a playlist based on BPM or other criteria. Likewise, the possibility of define markers yourself to chain the pieces together more fluidly, and create sequences according to the tonality and tempo of the songs thanks to the AI ​​of the famous Spotify DJ.

Spotify is preparing a Supremium offer at €19.99 per month

According to the Internet user, to benefit from all of these features, customers will have to pay $19.99 per monthfor the “Personal” subscription, but there is also mention of “Duo” and “Family” offers, the prices of which have yet to be determined.

Please note that to benefit from all these attractive features, you will have to pay the double a classic Premium subscription. Furthermore, nothing says that Spotify will unveil all of these new features at the same time or that they will actually be offered to consumers. In the meantime, Hypixely also discovered in Spotify’s code that Premium subscribers will be entitled to 20 hours of audiobooks per month.

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