Spotify on Android: adding songs to the queue becomes more convenient

The Spotify application on Android has been enriched with a new option: the simple swipe to add a song to the queue. It was missing from the Android version forever.

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Spotify // Source: Frandroid

A feature present on the iOS version of the Spotify application has discreetly made its appearance on Android. This is the swipe gesture to add a song to the play queue. It turns out that this was possible for a long time on the iOS version of the Swedish music streaming service. Owners of an Android smartphone had, until now, to confine themselves to clicking on the three dots (⁝) to access the menu of a track, where was the “Add to queue” in question. Fortunately, Spotify has finally got down to simplifying its interface.

A simple swipe gesture

Android and iOS users are now on equal footing: swiping right on any track will automatically add it to the queue. A welcome addition to gain speed and ease of use.

It was a user on the Android sub-Reddit who noticed the appearance of this feature and shared the news.

The deployment of the option in question seems however quite progressive, as can be seen in the comments, some people having good access to the swipe, and others not. This new swipe gesture is actually present on a Spotify Premium account installed on a Pixel 4a from the editorial staff, but not on that of a Galaxy Note 20, although it is indeed the same version numbers of the application ( We also saw it on a Galaxy Z Flip 3. This gestural feature is very practical in any case.

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