Spring 2023 must-have: A shoe with experience returns in 2023

Must have in spring 2023
A shoe with experience returns in 2023

Thanks to Hermès and co., clogs are making a comeback on the fashion stage this spring and summer season.

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Marilyn Monroe and Christina Aguilera have already made this shoe model a star: now clogs are making a comeback as a spring trend.

The fashion designers agree: Anyone who wants to invest in new shoes in spring and summer 2023 can look around in the wooden shoe department. For this season, Hermès, Bally and Stella McCartney are presenting clogs made from leather (or imitation leather) and wood – in the most varied of variants. Birkenstock fans are guaranteed to love this shoe trend.

What are clogs?

Clogs are shoes that are usually made of a wooden sole and a closed vamp made of leather or fabric. Translated from English into German, clogs means “thick piece of wood”. Clogs were originally worn by factory and farm workers in the 19th century. The shoe model actually comes from Great Britain, but was very popular in Sweden and is often associated with Scandinavia.

Clogs have fashion experience

In the history of fashion, clogs have been in focus several times. So wore for example Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) at a photo shoot in the 1950s with the photographer Milton H. Greene (1922 – 1985) black clogs and thus made the clog a must-have for her fans.

In the hippie era in the 1960s and 1970s, clogs were also an integral part of the fashion repertoire and were often worn with wide flared trousers or corduroy trousers. Those who wore clogs back then showed their closeness to nature in this way. Even today, in times of the climate crisis, this makes the shoe an absolute statement shoe again: Since clogs are usually made of wood, they are very durable and resistant. And they have the advantage that wood, as a natural material, can be easily recycled.

Clogs are totally Y2K

As well as being a symbol of sustainability, clogs are also a fashion relic from the early 2000s. With the Y2K trend continuing in 2023, it is not surprising that clogs are now being worn again. Finally, in the early 00s, pop star Christina Aguilera (42) ensured that clogs celebrated a revival and briefly became an it-piece. Her favorite model at the time: clogs with absurdly high heels.

Reunion with the clogs

Almost 10 years later, the British presenter and model Alexa Chung (39) was photographed in clogs on her very first “Vogue” cover. As an it girl, in 2010 she ensured that clogs were once again en vogue in Great Britain and the rest of the world. So it’s no wonder that clogs are back in fashion – after all, they reappear on the catwalks every few decades.


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