Spring break Boat cruise without license… discover slow tourism

Pénichettes® look like traditional barges. But in boat version without license, very easy to maneuver. No prior sailing experience required.

Their capacity: 2 to 12 people, depending on the model.

With their deliciously retro look, the Pénichettes® are a great way to discover slow tourism.

At 8 km / h, we are not disheveled, nor intoxicated by the speed. But we take full advantage of each landscape. And quite simply from the present, which slows down its course.

A good way to break the moorings with everyday life. Far from crowds and risks of contamination. No health pass is also required for these cruises.

boat captain

The day before departure, you benefit from a driving lesson. And a presentation of the technical and safety instructions.

The goal: to master maneuvers, mooring, going through locks… And transform yourself into a boat captain.

Cruises are also possible on the Canal du Midi. Photo le Boat

The boat is rising!

The first night on the barge, in Lutzelbourg, is already an adventure. No rolling, but a light lapping that lulls novice navigators.

And the next day, cast off!

One of the attractions of the cruise is going through the locks. Once the barge is in place, the lock doors open. Water enters the basin. And the boat goes up. A surprising feeling!

Then the journey resumes. Slowly. Calmly. Discover the heritage, natural and gastronomic pearls of the region: corbelled houses, churches with bulbous bell towers, flowered balconies, magnificent forests…

How much does it cost ?

A weekend on a boat for 2 to 5 people: between €453 at the start of the season (March-April) up to €924 in summer. That is to say from 31 € to 62 € per day and per person.

One week: from €1,057 at the start of the season to €2,156 in summer.


– Family discount: 10% reduction for any crew including at least one child under 18 years old.

– Couple discount: 10% reduction for any crew consisting of two adults only.

To these prices must be added fuel (40 € per day on average). And mooring costs in ports (10 to 30 €, depending on the captaincy).

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