“Squid Game”: Netflix expects revenues of nearly a billion

“Squid Game”
Netflix expects revenues of nearly a billion

“Squid Game” was pouring millions into Netflix’s cash register.

© Noh Juhan | Netflix

“Squid Game” has clearly replaced “Bridgerton” as the most successful Netflix start. The streaming service has now published new figures.

“Squid Game” is the most successful Netflix series of all time, at least in terms of access numbers at the start. With 111 million hits in the first month, the South Korean series recently clearly outperformed the previous record holder “Bridgerton” (82 million). Netflix expects completely different numbers due to the survival horror. According to calculations, “Squid Game” will bring in 900 million dollars for the streaming giant.

Of the Financial news channel Bloomberg was able to see internal statistics from Netflix. In it, the value of “Squid Game” is estimated at nearly a billion US dollars. To be more precise, to $ 891.1 million.

In the report, Netflix also gave new viewership numbers. According to this, 132 million accounts have seen at least two minutes of an episode of “Squid Game” within the first 23 days. Apparently the audience stayed with it after two minutes. As Netflix calculates, 1.4 billion hours (!) Of “Squid Game” have been streamed worldwide so far

Deadly game for $ 38.5 million

A little less than $ 900, the equivalent of 38.5 million dollars, can be won by the winner of the “Squid Game” in the series. Indebted people face each other in children’s games. Whoever wins goes further. Whoever loses dies.

Netflix has not yet announced a second season. Showrunner Hwang Dong-hyuk (50) at least already has ideas on how the story could go on.


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