“Squid Game”: The Dalgona biscuits from the series only require two ingredients

“Squid Game”
The Dalgona biscuits from the series only require two ingredients

Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) has to prove his skills in “Squid Game”.


Fans of the Netflix series “Squid Game” are recreating the Dalgona cookie game on social media. This is how easy it is to make a snack at home.

Netflix’s South Korean hit “Squid Game” is well on the way to becoming the biggest series on the streaming service of all time. The survival series topped the Netflix charts in 90 countries, and the hashtag #squidgame is trending almost continuously on social media.

Cookies are becoming a trend

In “Squid Game”, highly indebted people try to crack a jackpot in the millions in a competition. They compete against each other in deadly children’s games. Viewers around the world recreate the series’ challenges in TikTok videos. So did the Dalgona biscuit game from the third episode. The sugar snack is also very easy to create at home.

Warning, spoilers!

The players who survived the first round compete against each other in the second round in a game of skill. First of all, they decide on a shape – star, triangle, circle or umbrella. Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae, 48) chooses the umbrella – which initially turns out to be a fatal mistake. Because the new task is to punch the chosen shape out of a Dalgona biscuit with a needle.

If the biscuit breaks, the game is lost – and with it the life of the player. Gi-hun despairs at first because of its complex shape. But then he has a life-saving idea …

Sugar, baking soda and skill

The so-called Dalgona cookies have been sold in South Korea’s street markets for decades. Dalgona comes from the Korean expression “dalguna”, which means something like “It’s sweet”. In some places the biscuits are also known under the name “ppopgi”. The game requires a lot of tact – the recipe, on the other hand, is anything but demanding. Only sugar and baking soda are needed for the candy.


Tip: If the liquid sticks to the glass when you press it, it has to cool down even further. Patience is required for the Dalgona biscuits to succeed.


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