SSDs and hard drives: here are the best deals from the winter sales!

Good plan news SSDs and hard drives: here are the best deals from the winter sales!

A bit like last Black Friday, SSDs are the stars of these sales on the IT and hardware market. Whether you’re looking to boost your PC, increase your PS5’s storage capacity, or just have a storage solution to take with you wherever you go, these winter 2022 sales should have you covered.

HDD, SSD, SATA or NVMe, storage solutions are plentiful and have never been more affordable than now. The fierce struggle between the various manufacturers makes consumers happy, who can choose the solution they need at the best price.

If, for your PC, a Gen 3 NVMe SSD or even a SATA will do the trick, be careful to follow Sony’s instructions for the PS5: a Gen 4 NVMe SSD with at least 5500 MB / s in read and accompanied a heat sink will be required.

For external disks, prefer SSDs to HDDs, they are certainly a little more expensive but they are lighter, often better reinforced and their transfer rates are much higher.

Small anthology of the best offers to grab during these winter 2022 sales on hard drives and SSDs for your PC or your PS5.


  • The best Winter 2022 Sale offers on SATA and NVMe SSDs for PCs
  • The best Winter 2022 Sale offers on PS5-compatible NVMe Gen 4 SSDs
  • The best Winter Sale 2022 offers on external HDDs and SDDs

The best Winter 2022 Sale offers on SATA and NVMe SSDs for PCs

The powerful Samsung 980 1TB SSD

When it comes to SSDs, whether internal or external, Samsung is a real safe bet and you won’t risk deceiving us by opting for this brand. The M.2 NVMe format is perfect for boosting a laptop and easily expanding its storage capacity.

The offer on this Samsung 980 1TB SSD is tempting. This model is recent and very fast, offering speeds of up to 3500 MB / s read and 3000 MB / s write. What seriously accelerated the loading times in the games.

Cdiscount offers an interesting reduction on this model, on the occasion of sales, since it goes below the 100 € bar and trades at only 97 €.

Buy the Samsung 980 1 TB SSD for 97 € at Cdiscount

The great classic Samsung EVO 970 1TB

If you have a stationary PC and want to give it a new lease of life, you certainly have a space available to add a 2.5-inch storage system. Adding an SSD is therefore very easy. Again, Samsung is a safe investment.

The EVO 970 is a great classic from the Asian brand. This 1TB internal SSD is easy to install, is ultra compatible and opts for second generation QLC memory technology. It offers speeds of 560 MB / s read and 530 MB / s write. Simple and efficient, a great deal.

Buy the Samsung EVO 970 1TB SSD at 85 €

The best Winter 2022 Sale offers on PS5-compatible NVMe Gen 4 SSDs

The very good Crucial P5 Plus: excellent value for money during the sales

Adding an SSD to your PS5 is a fairly simple operation, but you shouldn’t go wrong with the model. The SSD should be NVMe type and very fast. And that’s good, the Crucial brand has a reference in stock.

The P5 Plus is thus ultra fast: this NVMe SSD in M.2 format indeed offers a reading speed of up to 6000 MB / s for reading and 5500 MB / s for writing. Warning: to enjoy it on PS5, you have to add a heat sink (very easy to install), which costs around 15 €.

Buy the Crucial P5 Plus SSD for € 166 from Amazon

Buy a heatsink from Amazon

Recommended by the architect of the PS5 himself: the WD_BLACK SN850

Western Digital is a historical player in storage and has developed over the years a wide range of products for all uses. The company recently launched the “WD_Black” brand specializing in gaming and thus offering very high read / write speeds.

The WD_Black SN850 is therefore one of the fastest NVMe SSDs on the market and is therefore perfectly compatible with the PS5. It indeed offers “record” speeds of 7000 MB / s and 5100 MB / s in writing. The model on sale is also 2 TB, which is very generous.

The reduction is very nice: Amazon is applying a 30% discount on the WD_Black SN850 2 TB and its price drops from € 519 to € 362. A very good price for a luxury SSD. Do not forget to take the heat sink in addition.

Buy the WD_Black SN850 2TB for 362 € at Amazon

Buy a heatsink from Amazon

The best Winter Sale 2022 offers on external HDDs and SDDs

The very reliable Samsung T5 1TB at a great price

Opting for external media in SSD format only has advantages. You will thus benefit from a fast and reliable support, very easy to transport thanks to its compact dimensions. It is a great companion for your digital daily life.

Samsung offers a good range of external SSDs and we have retained the great classic T5 in a 1TB version. The case is worked, thin and very transportable, and the performance is excellent. It thus offers up to 540 MB / s in read / write.

Darty is taking advantage of the winter 2022 sales to apply a 20% reduction on the Samsung T5 A To. It goes from € 149 to € 119. A great offer.

Buy the Samsung T5 1TB for 119 € at Darty

The huge WD My Book 18TB for an exceptional price thanks to the winter sales

Attention, non-standard product: we are indeed talking about an XXL external storage medium by the specialist of the Western Digital genre. It is a product meant to sit on a desk and perfect if you need to save huge amounts of data.

Despite everything, the format of this WD MyBook remains very compact and it is difficult to believe that it accommodates 18 TB of storage in the form of HDD (a classic hard drive). It’s obviously not as fast as an SSD but will be great for keeping a copy of everything important in your life.

Big discount for this 18TB My Book, since Amazon applies a 41% discount. He therefore loses € 233 and goes from € 572 to € 339.

Buy the WD MyBook 18TB for € 339 from Amazon

Winter sales 2022: instructions for use

What is the date of the winter 2022 sales on the internet?

The 2022 winter sales take place from Wednesday January 12 from 8 a.m. and end on Tuesday February 8 at 11:59 p.m. The winter sales will therefore allow you to take advantage of numerous reductions, promotions, rebates and broken prices for 4 weeks.

Up to how much reduction can we have during the winter sales 2022?

The winter sales can offer up to 70% reductions on certain products and equipment! On average, there are promotions in a range of 20 to 40%. So this is a great time to save money! In addition, if you have discount coupons aside, see gift cards obtained at Christmas, there is a way to make nice price reductions on your favorite products during these winter sales 2022.

Which stores will participate in the 2022 winter sales?

The most famous brands are participating. Thus, we find Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Baker, Micromania-Zing, Cultura, E.Leclerc, Orange, Red by SFR, Shopping street, SFR, Sound-Video, Zavvi… You will thus have the benefit of choice and will be able to take advantage of the many promotions and discounts at all of these merchants for these winter 2022 sales.

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