St. Stephen’s Cathedral, train station – All five terror suspects released from custody

A big surprise in two acts of terror: Both the 17-year-old who wanted to carry out an IS attack on Vienna’s main train station with a knife and the four suspected ISPK supporters who are said to have targeted St. Stephen’s Cathedral for an attack before Christmas are no longer in custody in the Josefstadt prison.

The 17-year-old who tried to carry out a terrorist attack at Vienna Central Station last September was only in prison for 30 days. With a knife he planned to stab “infidels” at random in the name of IS, and only turned back on an escalator. Living group in Styria He spent two years in Landl on April 11th, partly on condition, for membership in a terrorist organization – from it actually in prison for eight months. He served seven in custody. Ali K. has been at large again since May 10th and lives in a shared apartment run by the WOBES association. The young person is now being kept under control with close individual therapy, participation in a DERAD deradicalization program and anti-violence training. “I am confident that Ali can be freed from the ideological confusion,” said lawyer Rudolf Mayer to the “Krone”. The MA 11 would also try to find the 17-year-old: from June he will have a place in a residential group in Styria. Terror suspects from Steffl now in custody for deportation. The four suspects who carried out a terrorist attack on St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna around Christmas are also back free foot. The Vienna public prosecutor’s office filed an application for release on Thursday after “there was no longer any urgent suspicion of a crime.” The authority confirmed to the “Krone” that the Turkish-Tajik couple, as well as a man from Dagestan and a suspect who had been extradited from Germany, had been extradited to the Federal Office on Thursday morning for immigration and asylum were handed over. You are now in detention pending deportation. “The proceedings are still pending,” said the spokeswoman for the Vienna public prosecutor’s office. Two days ago, lawyer Andreas Schweitzer, the defense attorney for the suspected couple, also submitted an application for release from custody. The reason was excavations in Lower Austria as part of an investigation into weapons and terrorist material that was supposed to be hidden there. However, these were unsuccessful, so the suspicion was not substantiated. The public prosecutor also had to agree.
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