Stake-2-Earn coin with strong momentum in the presale

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In the first two weeks, around $3 million went into pre-sales of Bitcoin BSC. The new project, which presents itself as “Bitcoin on the Binance Smart Chain”, without of course having direct connections to the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, is enjoying increasing popularity. The staking concept is likely to be fundamental to its popularity. Investors apparently love passive rewards that make holding the tokens more attractive.

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Bitcoin BSC: the new Bitcoin clone

Bitcoin, the first, most valuable and best-known cryptocurrency, has an iconic presence in the crypto space. The pioneering status, acceptance and revolutionary blockchain technology have given Bitcoin enormous appeal. Many new projects use associations in their naming to capitalize on Bitcoin’s reputation and build trust. Through such associations they hope for faster acceptance and recognition in the community.

Whether the hard forks around Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin clones like HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (BITCOIN) or BTC20 – more and more projects are launching with this obvious Bitcoin reference. Bitcoin BSC is now the latest candidate based on the Binance Smart Chain. This results in the new name – Bitcoin BSC.

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Staking as a positive price catalyst

Stake-2-Earn has gained popularity in the crypto world as it allows investors to earn passive income by holding and staking their cryptocurrencies. Staking locks coins in a wallet, reducing the circulating supply. This may result in less supply on the market. Additionally, staking also creates a sense of community and engagement as holders are actively involved in the network’s success. Ergo, Stake-2-Earn improves the supply-demand ratio and increases trust in cryptocurrencies.

EARN PASSIVE INCOME THROUGH STAKING – Bitcoin BSC is neither a fork of Bitcoin nor a pump and dump system. The BTCBSC token is designed to provide stakers with daily income for many years. This means that you can profit through APY and possible price increases.

Since 1.4 million Bitcoin BSC have already been paid into staking with a raising capital of around 2.9 million US dollars (at an APY of 184%), the staking ratio is almost 50%. This means that the circulating supply is likely to be significantly lower at the start of trading, creating a favorable environment for investments.

Fair tokenomics a la Bitcoin

At Tokenomcis, Bitcoin BSC is based on Bitcoin. There will be a total supply of 21 million tokens that will be activated over the next 120 years. Inflation is similarly low as with Bitcoin. This prevents severe dilution of existing token holders. While 29% of tokens are sold in presale, 69% are reserved for staking rewards. Distributions from the staking pool are made every 10 minutes, proportionally to the holders who have deposited their BTCBSC tokens into the staking.

However, the remaining 2% is not intended for the team, but is intended to provide liquidity for the DEX launch. The team wants to prevent price inefficiencies in trading and at the same time ensure a fair start to trading.

Bitcoin BSC raises $3 million in two weeks

Although many fresh presales usually require an adjustment period to establish themselves in the market, Bitcoin BSC has largely surpassed this development. Demand grew quickly and over $3 million was invested in two weeks. If all 29% of Bitcoin BSC tokens are sold in the presale, this will result in an initial market capitalization of $6,063,750.

This means that the pre-sale of Bitcoin BSC should not take too long. The momentum has increased continuously in the last few days. Anyone interested in Bitcoin BSC could now take a look at the official website including the white paper and weigh up the opportunities and risks of the new crypto presale in an independent due diligence.

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