“Star Academy” 2023: Nikos Aliagas reveals the affectionate nickname given to him by the candidates: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The show star Academy left its mark on the minds of viewers. Its first broadcast dates back to October 2001. Among the candidates who left their mark, there are notably Jenifer, Nolwen Leroy or even Grégory Lemarchalsuffered from the disease cystic fibrosis and died in 2007. A few years after his withdrawal from the antenna, in 2008, TF1 wanted to give the program a chance again in 2022. The show was a great success and new academicians joined the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys on November 4, 2023, for an 11th season. However, there is one thing that does not change: Nikos Aliagas. The host has been present since 2001 to host the bonuses and support the candidates. Guest on the set of C to youThursday November 30, 2023, the former presenter of 50′ Inside mentioned the new promotion. “At the time, they were my little brothers and sisters for me, today, I am uncle”he revealed, then adding: The kids call me ‘uncle’. A nickname that amuses him a lot even if he admits to having had “a little scared” of the change between older generations and today’s.

Nikos Aliagas: a new promotion who “knows how to behave”

In 2008, when the program ended, Nikos Aliagas did not think one day he would return to the emblematic set of the star Academy. So, when he learned of his return, the host did not hesitate for a second before confirming his presence for a show which “unquestionably” changed his life. Faced with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, he asserts: When I left star Academy in 2008, I said to myself, ‘here we go, let’s move on’, for me, it was definitive.” Delighted to be back, Nikos Aliagas did not hesitate to share some secrets about the new candidates. “The students and candidates who are in the show know exactly how to behave since they have had the internet, they have a sense of the camera”he recalled, specifying however that reality quickly takes over. “That doesn’t mean they manage everything because after a while, it’s stronger than you and your rough edges take over”, concluded Nikos Aliagas. For his return, the new season of the program is unanimous among viewers who are very attached to the candidates.

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