Star Academy 2023: the 2 designated immune students, one of the 4 named completely missed the evaluation

By Olivia Maunoury


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Next Saturday evening, there will only be five left at Star Academy 2023. At the end of the 10th bonus of this season currently being broadcast on TF1, a new student will be eliminated. This Wednesday, January 3, 2024, director Michaël Goldman announced in the daily newspaper who the two immunized students are and who the four others are in danger.

Star Academy 2023: the 2 designated immune students, one of the 4 named completely missed the evaluation

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It has already been nine weeks since Lénie, Héléna, Djebril, Pierre, Julien and Axel participated in the star Academy 2023. Next Saturday evening, there will only be five left. One of them will be eliminated by the public, a week after Candice.

This new week at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys has the theme “carte blanche”. As Michaël Goldman announced last Sunday to the six students still in the competition, all decisions are in their hands. Which duets they want to form, which artist they want to sing with. An unprecedented situation which destabilized more than one and which was not without creating some tensions. For example, Lénie and Héléna both expressed the wish to sing with Camille Lellouche on her title Does not insist which evokes the heavy subject of domestic violence. The artist, mother of a little girl, was herself a victim in the past. Faced with Lénie’s very determined attitude, Héléna let herself be somewhat crushed by the youngest member of the class, who still suffers from vocal cord problems. A situation which does not suit her anymore as she explained it in front of the cameras.

What songs did the students perform during the assessment?

The six academicians, as they do every week, passed the evaluations and also had to make a decision on their part. They only discovered the songs for a short time before passing in front of the teachers. Everyone agreed to choose the theme “Love”. The songs offered were all on the theme of love. They also had to choose a song for the dance test. by drawing a random sheet from the teachers’ table. On it were two titles and he had to choose one.

During these evaluations, Julien interpreted I loved you, I love you and I will love you by Francis Cabrel, just like Héléna, Lénie and Pierre. Djebril chose I love you by Lara Fabian, just like Axel.

Against all expectations, Pierre completely failed his assessment while Lénie completely passed it. The other four students defended themselves very well.

As tradition dictates, Michaël Goldman announced the nominees at the end of the day. This week, two are immune following assessments and the other four are in danger. It will be up to the public to decide between them during the next bonus. The two immunized students are Lénie and Julien. The four named: Héléna, Pierre, Axel and Djebril. A very difficult announcement for Axel who hoped not to find himself among the nominees. Will the public decide to save him? Answer next Saturday evening…

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