"Star Academy": a former candidate died of cancer: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Shocking news. Rym Ghezali died of the consequences of a cancer, announced her sister, Selma, on her Instagram account, Wednesday, March 17, 2021. "It is with a broken heart that I inform you of the death of my sister Rym, following complications related to his cancer. The Algerian gazelle has passed away. I am extremely sad. But I am also very proud of her. I will always keep the image of a smiling sister in mind", she declared, upset by the news, in a video posted on the social network. Originally from Algeria, the artist was the subject of a tribute on behalf of the Minister of Culture of 'Algeria, Malika Bendouda: "Algeria loses a valuable artist who knew how to honor his country in the concert of nations and represent the country with talent and love, whether by his talent or by his exemplary behavior ".

Rym Ghezali, a tragic fate

At the age of 34, the singer was notably known for having participated in the Lebanese edition of the star Academy in 2005. After having participated in the famous tele-hook, the singer had made a career in television presentation and comedy. She played in the series Achour El Acher or El Waera. A life in which she had visibly achieved many of her dreams. The singer then became the mother of a little girl born in 2020. A few months ago, Rym Ghezali had to resolve to stop his professional activities to focus on his health, when doctors diagnosed him with a brain tumor. After several interventions and the establishment of medical protocols to save her, she succumbed to the disease in Paris, where she had put her bags for several weeks in order to be taken care of.

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