Star Citizen Smells Money In Alpha Update 3.17

baptized Fueling Fortunesthis first notable update of the year 2022 fleshes out the economic opportunities for pilots in addition to providing them with new destinations to explore and new tools to power the game’s gameplay. its Hull A, the most affordable ship in its range for beginners who want to get into trade and transport.

A fearsome modernity feature, the update allows pilots to sell unwanted items to traders to bail out in UEC, including weapons, armor, and other resources. A new professional activity is also appearing: it concerns the MISC Starfarer which can now refuel ships in distress or fill fuel tanks before a long voyage. A service that pilots can now charge for.

In bulk, we are also talking about the appearance of mining gadgets that will make it possible to better exploit the resources of asteroids, the establishment of the first interactive river on MicroTech or the addition of the Maria Pure of Heart hospital to Lorville, a new destination of choice to reconstitute his character on the verge of death.

We’re excited to introduce new places to explore, like the Maria Pure of Heart Hospital in Lorville, and new ways to participate in the in-game economy, whether that’s selling loot from pirate battles or counting your profits after a day of mining and transporting goods. We can’t wait to see how pilots interact with the new features and see the emerging gameplay unfold, especially with ship-to-ship resupply, which will lead to some interesting encounters between players. This is just the beginning of our plans for 2022, and we can’t wait to share more details about what Star Citizen has in store for us.“, comments creative director Chris Roberts.

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