Star Citizen: The Coffee Vendor

From patch 3.17, Star Citizen players will have the opportunity to test a new technology derived from that of bartenders: coffee vendors.

For the moment you will find this service only in the spaceport of Area18 on the planet ArcCorp. You will be able to recognize the kiosk of the coffee seller thanks to its yellow and brown color as well as the inscription “coffee to go” present on its front.

The coffee vendor’s kiosk.

Consume at the coffee vendor

After finding the small store, go to its counter, in front of the NPC then stay pressed the F key by default in order to interact with him.

The seller will then speak to you and a range of choices between various drinks will then be presented to you. After making your choice, press the name of the desired drink.

The NPC will move and begin to prepare your order, note that depending on the type of drink requested, the animation of the seller will be different.

Once your order is finalized, the NPC will come and stand in front of you and serve you your drink on the kiosk counter,

You can now consume it by interacting with the cup.

The different choices of drink offered.  - Star Citizen
The different choices of drink offered.

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