Star Citizen: Wailander’s Latest Sandstorm Video Is A Visual Delight

Star Citizen is a unique game, its community is just as much. The last video “Sandstorm” of the team of Wailander is further proof. The intensity of the fights, the audio immersion and the quality of the sequence shots, everything is done to immerse us in the battle.

It is a success ! With its more than 60k views on youtube, the video even received kudos from the developers of CIG.

The video

Behind the shooting

Obviously this talent does not come from nowhere, Wailander is professional editor and knows the world of cinema well. Her Youtube channel (see the links at the end of the article), which we invite you to discover, testifies to this passion with inspirations on pop culture in particular.

Behind this video, Wailander is not alone, La FCU (Unified Colonial Force) fully supported the initiative. They also recruited members of other organizations for sequences requiring a large number of actors (particularly landing sequences). Organizations LEGATUS, 1CC, NSDC and SYF have responded to the call!

More specifically, the voice at the start of the video during the mission briefing is that of a American actor expressly commissioned for the video. And it is successful! The tone of his voice fits perfectly with the Admiral that one can imagine in the great action films.

Feel free to browse the generic at the end of the video which is exhaustive on the name (pseudo) of all the participants in the project.

Some numbers

To illustrate the titanic work that has been done, nothing beats a few statistics.

  • More’a year working
  • 14 hours rush (for a selection of only 8 min of video)
  • 23 sessions (of several hours)
  • until 50 attendees
  • approximately a hundred actors

Some anecdotes

  • Inspired by “Edge of tomorrow”, Wailander wanted to transcribe this tension ofa military landing in the universe of Star Citizen which lends itself very well to this atmosphere.
  • The video was to be called “D Day”, originally. The theme has been kept, only the title has been changed.
  • The video was supposed to be 3-4 min originally, then the patch 3.13 came out with the quintessential landing craft the Hercules and the Nova tank. Obviously it was necessary to include them and add sequences.
  • The inventory managementwhich arrived with patch 3.15, was groundbreaking for Star Citizen players but for the directors of machine like Wailander, it complicates the task enormously, to bring together the armors in particular.

As a bonus, an overview of the video editing software.

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