Star Trek Discovery: A Visit to the Intergalactic Library – Episode 8 Ending Explained


In the eighth episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 5, Michael Burnham visits an intergalactic library and finds the final clue in the treasure hunt.

Star Trek Discovery Season 5: The Intergalactic Archives

Star Trek Discovery Season 5: The Intergalactic Archives (Source: ViacomCBS / Paramount+ / YouTube screenshot: Netzwelt)

Warning, there are spoilers for “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 5, Episode 8!

In order to find the last clue in the treasure hunt, the USS Discovery travels to the intergalactic archives, probably the largest library in the universe, in episode 8 of the final season of “Star Trek: Discovery”. In striking images, Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) must prove himself worthy to receive the clue.

Michael is sent into her own world of thoughts by a Betazoid book. There she has to face her own demons to finally find out where the last clue is hidden. Above all, she is confronted with the fact that she gives too much priority to her mission and many other things become secondary to her, which means that relationships like the one with Book (David Ajala) fall by the wayside.

Discovery deciphers the final clue

After Michael finds the clue and thus forestalls the Breen, who are already about to attack the archives, the USS Discovery comes under fire. Michael pressures Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Tilly (Mary Wiseman) to decipher the final clue and secure the coordinates of the Progenitors’ technology, then gives the clues to the Breen to stop their attack on the archives.

That’s why you know the librarian

The librarian’s actress is called Elena Juatco and you might know her from the Christmas film “Mistletoe Match – Dating under the Mistletoe”, which is streaming on Prime Video.

Michael manages to force a blood oath from the Breen Primarch so that he will not attack the archives once he has the clues. The Discovery continues to be attacked and Michael uses a trick to make the Breen believe that the Discovery has been destroyed after jumping with the spore drive.

When the Primarch finally wants to continue the attack on the archives despite having the clues, Moll (Eve Harlow) and the other Breen turn against him. Moll kills him and unites the Breen in their desire to bring L’ak back to life using the Progenitors’ technology.

A race between the Discovery and the Breen

The Discovery is actually quickly in another place thanks to the spore drive. However, since the ship is damaged, repairs must first be made. Both the Discovery and the Breen have the coordinates of the Progenitor technology.

Now episode 9 is about who will get to the coordinates faster. According to Tilly’s calculations, the Breen will take 6 hours. So Discovery has to get there sooner.


The ultimate Star Trek quiz!

(Source: ViacomCBS /

What is the name of Spock’s fiancée?

The next episode was directed by fan favorite Jonathan Frakes. It will be released on May 23, 2024 on Paramount+. There are more “Star Trek” releases waiting for us this year!

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