“Star Trek: Picard”: That reveals the trailer for the coming second season

“Star Trek: Picard”
The trailer for the coming second season reveals that

Patrick Stewart still has big plans as Jean-Luc Picard.

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In the trailer for the second season “Star Trek: Picard”, the title hero has to deal with an alternate reality and two old adversaries.

Seems like Patrick Stewart (81) alias Jean-Luc Picard has to travel back in time to repair the future, as in “Star Trek: The First Contact”. Because the brand new trailer for the second season of the series “Picard” poses well-known problems for the Starfleet legend – and incites two old adversaries at him.

At the beginning of the trailer, the omnipotent fan favorite Q (John de Lancie, 73) appears, who apparently creates an alternative reality with a snap of his fingers. “Q traveled back in time and turned our world into a totalitarian nightmare,” says Picard with certainty. In order to bring the timeline back in order, he apparently does not shy away from reactivating the dreaded Borg Queen (Alice Krige, 67), who for her part had already messed up the time in the aforementioned “The First Contact”.

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How far back in time Picard and Co. became clear shortly afterwards: “Welcome to the earth of the 21st century.” So the serial hero will travel our present and trade warp speed for kilometers per hour. During these scenes, “Star Trek” fans will think back nostalgically to “Star Trek IV: Back to the Present” with William “Captain Kirk” Shatner (90) and his crew. In it, Kirk, Pille, Spock and Co. had to fight their way through the “Stone Age” 1980s.

In this country, the second season of “Star Trek: Picard” can be seen via Amazon Prime Video. The start date was given as February 2022. In addition, main actor Patrick Stewart has recently revealed that a third season is also being shot.