Star Wars 1313 resurfaces with gameplay video

Sadly canceled after the buyout of LucasFilm through disneyregret Star Wars 1313 resurfaced in a “posthumous” gameplay video featuring Boba Fett, the notorious bounty hunter. A screenshot had already been unveiled 2 years ago, and today we have a glimpse of what the game could have looked like in motion.

Star Wars: Boba Drake

The video was uploaded by The Vaulta video game archive channel that had already unearthed images of Star Wars Battlefield 3, also cancelled. No doubt the release of this gameplay coincides with the recent release of the series ” The Book of Boba Fett ” on Disney+.

If any resemblance to Uncharted could jump to the eyes, it is not a coincidence sinceAmy Hennigthe creative director of the Nathan Drake saga was working on the game. We can see Boba Fett chasing an individual on the roofs of a market in Coruscant.

The adventure would have started with the younger bounty hunter on Tatooine, and the story would have been set between the first and second trilogy, where it would have been about investigating different crime families, accompanied by a new droid partner .

Star Wars 1313 was first announced at E3 2012, then canceled the following year. That same year, Disney announced that they were ending in-house game development at LucasArtof which 1313as well as other games Star Wars yet undisclosed.

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